There’s an old story of a circus elephant* tethered in his living quarters by a small rope that was tied around one of his feet and anchored to a common wooden builder’s stake. No chains. No cages. 

A visitor to the circus saw the setup and expressed his concern. 

“That rope can’t possibly hold that animal. He could easily break away.”

“You’re right,” the keeper said. “But he has been tethered by that rope since he was a baby, when it was strong enough to hold him. He doesn’t realize that it won’t hold him now, so he makes no attempt to break free from it.”

The players in the American political system have been tethered for so long that we don’t recognize our ability to break free. This project intends to help us choose unity over division, to encourage meaningful conversation, and to begin the work of taking back the system from those who control it. 

*The elephant in this story isn’t a reference to a specific political party.