Public Service Unites Americans

Pearl Harbor, crisis, Americans

In the weeks and months following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans stepped up to serve in a variety of ways. Though they had been deeply divided over the nation's role in the developing war, people largely set aside their differences and united around a common cause after the 1941 strike on the Hawaiian naval … Continue reading Public Service Unites Americans

Unexpected Civil Discourse

When Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and law professor Chris Peterson ran against each other for governor of Utah earlier this year, they recorded a public service announcement together reminding voters of the need for decency during elections. They theorized that it was probably the first time two candidates had engaged in such a move, and … Continue reading Unexpected Civil Discourse

No Room for Civility in Politics

If you watched the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett in October of 2020, you saw, in the final moments, an unexpected moment of kindness between two political opponents. Sen. Diane Feinstein commended Sen. Lindsey Graham for running “ of the best sets of hearings that I’ve participated in.” And then she hugged him. And … Continue reading No Room for Civility in Politics